Ipswich Physiotheraphy Centre

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is the treatment of pain and dysfunction by physical means. Treatment includes manual (hands-on) therapy, exercise (including hydrotherapy) and electrotherapy. A doctor's referral is not needed but should your doctor refer you, the Ipswich Physiotherapy Centre may consult them regarding your condition.

The Ipswich Physiotherapy Centre's highly trained staff provide professional assessment and treatment options for patients of all ages. From babies through to the elderly, from fine to gross motor ability development, rehabilitation to in-patient care, the skilled and caring practitioners at the Ipswich Physiotherapy Centre will design the most appropriate program for your needs.

Ipswich Physiotherapy Centre is the Preferred Physiotherapy Service Provider to Ipswich's St Andrew's Hospital.

Our Services

The Ipswich Physiotherapy Centre offers a comprehensive range of services including:

  • home, hostel and nursing home visits;
  • treatment at our centre;
  • work site;
  • gym appointments; and
  • therapy for patients admitted to St Andrew's Hospital Ipswich.

Ipswich Physiotherapy Centre also offers a small indoor thermal exercise pool for specialised hydrotherapy treatment. Hydrotherapy can enhance treatment and recovery and is provided as part of our commitment to the best possible care. The pool has easy access for all stages of mobility including wheelchairs. Our centre also offers a wheelchair friendly toilet and shower facility.

ABN 92 563 774 651